Woodwork is one of the most ideal ways for children to express their imagination, creative thinking, and engage in problem-solving - important skills for children to develop from an early age for their future. 


Children may join the programme at any time. Our classes take place fortnightly. The price is $25 per class. Tools, materials and safety gear included in the class fee. Fees are paid upfront, on a class by class basis, by automatic debit. Read our Terms & Conditions.

After enrolling your child on our programme, they will be allocated a place on the next scheduled woodwork session at your preschool. During the first few sessions, your child will participate in a set of structured projects. Each project involves making a pre-designed wooden toy, requiring the use of new tools and techniques. During this initial part of the programme, they will learn how to safely and effectively use: saws, drills, hammers, vices, clamps, screwdrivers, sanding blocks and more.

Our Woodwork Instructor will keep a checklist of which tools your child has learnt to use and the progress they are making. As your child advances through the programme and demonstrates confidence and the ability to use tools independently, they will have the choice of either participating in more advanced projects or working on their own wooden creations. Our instructor will guide them through successfully completing their ideas, using provided tools and materials, rather than participating in pre-designed projects.