Sponsor a Child

to help them develop and realize their potential

All children should have the opportunity to experience woodwork and learn to use basic tools. Make a donation today to help disadvantaged children participate in our workshops. Give them the opportunity to feel good about themselves and become motivated to take on new challenges.

Our fundraising goal

Every $25, $35, or $49 raised allows us to invite a child to participate in one of our weekend or holiday workshops. Every little bit counts, even a small regular gift can have a big impact.

The importance of empowerment

Learning how to use the tools can be a very empowering experience for children. They are given the responsibility to work and use the tools to make something.

During our workshops, children develop knowledge and skills that support independent, hands-on learning. They are supported and guided in problem-solving and overcoming challenges. to experience success. Persistence and perseverance skills are promoted and children see themselves as confident and capable learners. Our workshops encourage independence and resilience - as they overcome challenges they learn that it is ok not to always succeed, but that with some perseverance, goals can be achieved.