Hands-on Workshops For Children

All children should have the opportunity to experience woodwork and learn to use basic tools.
Our workshops are a great way to introduce woodwork and teach children important skills.

Practical Skills For Life

We have designed this programme with a 'can-do' spirit in mind. It gives children an opportunity to work with real tools and acquire a multitude of practical skills. It boosts their self-esteem, confidence, and independence.


Many children will need to use tools in their future jobs as the majority of professions require work with tools to develop ideas, design, create, and repair.

Through working with tools and resistant materials, children discover how things are made and develop many skills important to success in their future life. These skills include; systematic and critical thinking, the ability to reflect and envision, finding connections and solutions to problems, promoting dialogue, negotiation and decision making.


Hands-on Learning

Our workshops incorporate mathematical thinking, scientific investigation and technology. Through participation in simple projects, children learn how to safely and effectively manipulate wood using tools and hardware.


Our woodworking sessions run at schools, preschools, kindergartens, and learning centres, and are suitable for children aged 3+.


Our programme invites connections between different aspects of learning, it supports learning across all strands of Te Whāriki and current thinking on how children learn best.

During our workshops, children acquire basic knowledge about tools, work safety, woodwork techniques and wood properties. They learn to observe, predict, experiment, solve problems, and express their creativity in a 3-dimensional way. It helps them understand length, size, balance and force. It deepens their understanding of the world and encourages the development of hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, sense of precision, communication, and language.

Through participation in simple projects, children learn how to safely and effectively manipulate wood using vices, clamps, saws, and drills. They also learn to attach hardware using hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers. By being trusted and given the responsibility to work with real tools, children build self-esteem and confidence.


Safe & Fun

Woodwork is a low-risk activity when introduced and supervised correctly. Life is full of risks and challenges and we need to prepare children to meet these by allowing them to take risks within a safe environment.


While our workshops provide a lot of fun and excitement, our programme teaches children respect for things that can be harmful and highlights the need for care in certain situations. Our woodworking sessions take place in a purpose-built mobile workshop that we bring with us. We provide everything required to run a safe and productive woodworking session including; a mobile workbench, tools, wood, hardware and safety gear.

We maintain comprehensive Risk Assessment documentation and a detailed Health & Safety Guide to ensure our instructors and all adults monitoring the woodworking sessions are familiar with our safety rules.



We provide children with a basic insight into the skills needed to make and repair rather than consume and dispose of.


Our hands-on learning program counters the current consumerist culture by encouraging children to become makers with a can-do attitude.

Woodwork for Young Learners is an eco-friendy learning programme. We do not contribute to deforestation or environmental pollution. All wood used for our woodworking projects is non-treated reclaimed pine, sourced locally. We use metal hardware only: nails, screws, washers, etc. (no plastic materials or parts).